“There is no man under the sun as fortunate as I!”


This is what Hans declared after having repeatedly exchanged valuable items for less valuable ones along his travels: his lump of gold for a horse, his horse for a cow, his cow for a pig, and so on. Hans is left empty-handed at the end of the tale – and is happier than ever before! With fresh ingredients and the highest quality every day, at HANS IM GLÜCK you’ll find everything you ever wanted in a burger.


What do you need to be happy?


A relaxed atmosphere, nice people – an extraordinary location. Delicious food for vegans, vegetarians and for passionate meat eaters alike. Always fresh ingredients and the highest quality. Pleasant hosts who are always there when you need them.


Time for yourself, or a moment shared with friends.


It doesn’t take a lot to be happy.

All it takes is the right ingredients.


Welcome to HANS IM GLÜCK.

Sounds promising? Join the HANS IM GLÜCK family!

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ST. GALLEN Kugelgasse, since June 2020
HEIDELBERG Westarkaden, since May 2020
Trier Porta Nigra, since March 2020
Basel Steinenvorstadt, since March 2020
Karlsruhe Postgalerie, since December 2020


You too can find happiness just around the corner. Find your nearest HANS IM GLÜCK burger grill  now and drop in to say hello. We look forward to meeting you!


Happiness in the moment